NaRaYa Col-Ture Crossbody Bag


A bag that is best for travelling light. Made with detachable straps and built in short handles so you may carry it as you please. Made with a medium-sized main compartment to accommodate all of your needs. The colorful tribal prints on the bag add a unique touch of culture to your everyday wear.

NaRaYa Col-Ture Shoulder Bag


A hobo shoulder bag with a contemporary aesthetic. Designed with a special exterior zip pocket that slants downward between fabric lines. The main compartment's magnetic snap button latch makes storing simple to access. The bag can easily accommodate small to medium-sized objects.

NaRaYa Col-Ture Tote Bag


A small trapezoid shape Tote Bag with colorful tribal prints to enhance aesthetic and design, creating a unique blend of modern and cultural design. There is a small outer slip pocket for easy storage of essentials such as mobile phones, purse wallets, keys, and so on.

NaRaYa Col-Ture Crossbody Bag


Nothing says "you" more than a U-shaped shoulder bag! The bags inspire more creativity because of its colorful tribal prints, which add a touch of tradition and culture. With a flip off magnetic button closure and adjustable crossbody strap. It is the best of both traditional and modern design.

NaRaYa Col-Ture Multipurpose Bag


A fresh look from NaRaYa! This multipurpose bag differs from the norm by having a zip compartment hidden beneath a flip cover. The bag's inside sections allow you to neatly organize your stuff, making the size suitable for keeping portable items like wallets, bank books, and mobile phones.

New Arrival

Col-Ture Collection

In an era dominated by social media Individual identity is easily neglected and individual roots are quickly forgotten. Sourcing heritage prints and styles from the tribal and ethnic patterns while reinterpreting them in a modern manner, thus Col-Ture collection is born. Ranging from seamless rows of shapes and patterns to a mixture of rich and brilliant hues, each ethnic art is created in a unique way to indicate a stand-out identity. Available in three distinct prints which help bring out your unique Individuality. Each uniqueness is distinct and can be expressed in a variety of ways. Go out and “Express your true color”!

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